Give me seven good reasons why I should support NanoFarms.

Guaranteed Freshness

Most of the produce found in the average grocery store has been picked long before you place it in your cart: Lettuce, for instance, is often stored up to four weeks; tomatoes, up to six weeks; carrots, up to nine months; and apples, up to over a year. When you grow your own veggies, you pick them when they’re ready to eat.

Organic and Safe

Do you know where your produce is grown and what laws protect the food you eat? Different countries have differing laws governing the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. Even in the United States, most conventional produce is treated with synthetic pesticides and other plant protectants. At NanoFarms, we use organic seeds, materials, and methods to grow your food, minimizing the risk of exposure and intake of these man-made substances found in your food.

More nutritious

Studies have shown that food grown with organic methods has higher amounts of valuable vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Why not ensure that you family is getting the best, most nutritious produce available?

Great taste

In conventional farming practices, nutrients are artificially put into the soil, and plants are genetically selected for color and size of fruit they produce. As farmers of high-quality produce, we grow veggies for their flavor and the natural nutrients they provide.

Environmentally Conscious

We use a high quality, organic blended soil to specifically provide nutrients, conserve water and support our plants. Through crop rotation, soil aerification, and the use of compost, we utilize natural methods to feed our plants and maintain healthy soil. “Conventional farming methods will deplete the soil 18-80 times more rapidly than nature builds soil.” (Jeavons, 2)


As a culture entrenched in technology, we have become more and more disconnected from the land and the food we eat. Often our food is broken down to caloric and nutrient intake only. Growing our own food encourages us to take a more holistic approach to our health by connecting with what we eat and enhancing the social aspect of sharing a meal with family and friends.

Support a good cause

As a customer of NanoFarms USA, you are supporting people from low-income backgrounds and helping them earn for their families a decent living. Over the past ten years, the housing and rent prices in the Bay Area have skyrocketed to the highest in the nation. Many families are being forced by these rising costs to leave their homes and communities. By supporting this endeavor, you are making it possible for these families to stay in their communities.