Frequently Asked Questions

What is NanoFarms USA?
NanoFarms USA is an organization dedicated to assisting the formation of parish-based and worker-owned cooperatives (which we call “Guilds”). The Guilds, which use the name “NanoFarms USA,” grow and sell local produce and build backyard gardens known as “NanoFarms.”

What is a NanoFarm?
A NanoFarm, as we define it, is a garden built for use in a residential backyard. These gardens are tailored for your personal use. You may want a small 4’ x 4’ garden, or ten large 12’ x 5’ gardens. Whatever your need is, we’re there to help you grow your own food.

For more information on what is included in a NanoFarm, click here.

Why would anyone order a NanoFarm?
Because of the great amounts of harmful fertilizers, pesticides, and GMOs involved in modern conventional farming practices, people today more than ever want to see where their produce is coming from. To avoid these harmful practices, some opt for organic produce, but for many, organic produce is not enough: they want to see what they are growing, and want to take an active part in growing the food that they eat. For this reason, thousands of Americans every year are turning towards growing their own food. NanoFarms kick-starts this process. We’ll get your garden started, so that you are in the best position to have an active, productive vegetable garden– right in your backyard!

What kinds of NanoFarms do you build?
NanoFarms USA builds custom gardens to fit your personal needs. Nevertheless, we have three basic garden types.

The first is the Green garden, which is the most basic garden. In this garden, your own backyard soil is typically used, compost is imported, and vegetables are grown using aspects of the BioIntensive method. We’ll get your garden started by planting our home-grown seedlings and seeds.

The second is the Standard garden, which includes a raised bed, imported soil and compost, and of course our home-grown seedlings and seeds.

The third is the Deep Green garden, which is a sustainable garden. In this type of garden, extra crops are grown as crops to contribute to compost, to help return nutrients that are taken out by vegetables.

For more details on what is included in our different garden types, click here.

What regions do you serve?

Currently, NanoFarms USA operates in the San Francisco Bay Area and Chicago area only.

What if I don’t know how to maintain my garden?
When we install your garden, we’ll show you how. But for those who don’t feel confident in caring for their own plants by themselves, we also offer weekly or monthly maintenance services.

Please contact us for more details on those services.

What is the typical procedure of obtaining a NanoFarm?
You can either click here or call us at 650.817.8801. After we get your information, we’ll visit your home or institution, take down a list of vegetables you would like us to grow you, and within a week or two start growing your garden.

How can I purchase your local produce?
We sell our freshly harvested produce, grown in Menlo Park, CA at markets stationed at Catholic parishes across the peninsula. For a complete listing, click here.

We also have a subscription program where we deliver fresh produce to your doorstep. For more information, click here.

What is a worker-owned cooperative?
A worker-owned cooperative is a company that, rather than being owned by a single person, is co-owned by its workers. As such, workers vote on their wages and leadership. For more info on worker-owned cooperatives, please click here (PDF).

For any other questions, feel free to contact us.