NanoFarms USA offers a great service and product to our customers: building excellent mini gardens, and growing fresh and local produce with organic methods. Whether you buy our produce at your local farmer’s market, or grow your own food in one of our NanoFarms, we are confident that you will be satisfied with the freshness, quality, and integrity of NanoFarms USA produce. In addition to offering a great product and service, NanoFarms USA works with Catholic parishes to help develop and strengthen their communities and work with our common goal of fighting poverty in urban areas. Here are some ways your parish can get involved with NanoFarms.

1. Host a Parish Market.
Build community. Support a good cause. Give your parishioners access to fresh, local, high-quality and healthy food grown using organic methods. Start a parish market at your church with NanoFarms.

2. Grow a parish garden.
Grow a parish garden, maintained by volunteer parishioners, and strengthen the bonds of your parish community. Grow the produce for hungry families, parishioners, or as a church or school fundraiser.

3. Form a parish guild.
Be a leader in helping those from low-income backgrounds find better work to support their families. Start a parish guild, and transform your parish by helping parishioners find the work they need to earn a decent living.

4. Volunteer at Tepeyac Farms.
Perhaps your parishioners are interested in what NanoFarms does, but aren’t able to host a parish market, grow a parish garden, or form a parish guild. There are volunteer opportunities at Tepeyac Farms. Start a volunteer group to help with a great cause!

For more information, contact us or please call (650). 817. 8801.